You Need To Try This Popular Food In Wisconsin


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Among many attributes that contribute to Wisconsin's culture, one thing is for sure; Wisconsinites sure know their cheese. The most popular food to try in Wisconsin is very reflective of the cheese culture. Add a little fried batter and you have yourself one of the most crave-able snacks of all time!

According to a list put together by Mashed, the top food that you need to try in Wisconsin is cheese curds. No one does cheese like Wisconsin, and the excellent cheese curds served throughout the state prove this to be true. Cheese curds can be served plain, beside an entree, or topped with various garnishing to become the meal itself. It would be very normal to see poutine consisting of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy at a Wisconsin restaurant.

Here is what Mashed said about cheese curds from Wisconsin:

"Wisconsin cheese curds, when eaten fresh, have a famous squeak when you bite in. When deep fried, they have a taste that will electrify your taste buds. And when mixed with gravy and served atop fries, they make the ultimate snack, poutine, though in any form you eat them, you may want to go for moderation, because healthy is to cheese curds like flammable is to water."

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