Welp! That's not a great start

Coming into Sunday's Packers game, I really did not have much on my mind it terms of expectations. I, however, did not anticipate that it would be the largest loss margin in Aaron Rodgers' career. The Packers kicked off the season (kinda), playing the New Orleans Saints (in Jacksonville due to the ongoing hurricane recovery in New Orleans) and did not even manage a touchdown, losing 38-3. As soon as the game started, people all over social media were critical of Rodgers for his off season antics and then coming in, demanding trades for players...and then coming out a looking terrible. Many also commented on how he, and many other starters, did not play a single snap in the Pre-Season.

I've made to secret that I'm not a big Aaron fan, he just doesn't seem like good leader or teammate. BUT...I'm PACKERS til the end, so let's put that behind us, the Packers play Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field against the Lions this week.

Check out the recap below...wait, actually, now that I think about it...don't.

Here's what Rodgers had to say after the game....

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