The PACKERS are worth HOW MUCH??

NFL preseason is in full force, which really means few of the big name players are on the field. The year, the preseason has been slimmed down to just three games and the regular season has been beefed up to 17.

While people still take interest in the preseason stories, a regular season game is certainly more profitable for the TV networks, the team, and the league.

So, just how much are the Packers, and other teams worth??

Forbes has come out with it's annual list of team values, which, on average, is $3.48 billion. The Packers are sitting 13th overall with a value of $3.475 billion. Of course, the Packers are owned by shareholders, a unique set up in all of sports. Not so much the case in Dallas where Jerry Jones owns it all, and has the most valuable team in the league, sitting at $6.5 billion (he paid $150 million for the team in 1989).

Here are the top 10:

  1. Cowboys: $6.5B
  2. Patriots: $5B
  3. Giants: $4.85B
  4. Rams: $4.8B
  5. Washington $4.2B
  6. 49ers: $4.17B
  7. Bears: $4.07B
  8. Jets: $4.05B
  9. Eagles: $3.8B
  10. Broncos: $3.75B

And at the very bottom....The Buffalo Bills at a mere 2.27 Billion

See the full list HERE!

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