A collective "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh"

All throughout Wisconsin, there was a collective "OHHHHHHHHH" last night.

It's hard being a morning guy who gets up at 4:30am who also has a two-year-old and a two-week-old at home when you're trying to stay up and watch the game! It was game FOUR of the Eastern Conference Finals last night in Atlanta and my wife and I made it up long enough to see exactly what we didn't want to see...Giannis' knee bending in the wrong direction. ESPN is reporting that he'll undergo imaging today to discover the extent of his injuring but it does not look good. There is definitely a vibe that we were more concerned about losing Giannis than losing the game last night.

So the team heads back to Fiserv Forum tomorrow night with the series tied 2-2 as is facing a possibility of the rest of the playoffs without Giannis. Game FIVE is tomorrow night.

Here's what Coach Bud had to say in his post game news conference.

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