Changes to this summer's Wisconsin State Fair

I think everyone is pretty stoked that this summer will once again feature that unmistakable smell of cows, cheese, and fried food. The Wisconsin State Fair will return to the fairgrounds in August. However, according to a announcement last week, some things will be a little different.

According to FOX6, these are the changes you expect this year:

  • Shorter hours, the fair will run from 11am-11pm
  • No cash! all on-site purchases, including parking, will be cashless.
  • Masks will not be required, but per the CDC, they are recommended if you are not vaccinated.
  • No roasted corn, rides, or Cream Puffs will be allowed this year at the fair (OK, OK, JUST KIDDING...ALL THE CREAM PUFFS YOU WANT!)

Photo: Getty

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