Whitefish Bay mansion up for sale...just $7,000,000

They say it's a sellers market, so you might need to shell out a little extra if you want to grab this Whitefish Bay mansion...$6.95 million to be exact!

According to the listing at TopTenRealEstateDeals.com, the mansion, called the Herman Uihlein House, is almost 18,000 square-feet...has eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms and amazing views of Lake Michigan. It was built in 1917 for the song of the president of Schlitz Brewery and before that was a the site of the Pabst Whitefish Bay Resort with a restaurant, bar, and Ferris wheel. According to the site, the mansion includes a public formal room, a library, billiards room, gym, home theater and wine cellar. It's so big, it even has staff quarters! It was once own by Warren Buffet's son!

Check out the house below!

Photo: Getty

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