A humbled Aaron Rodgers ends his Jeopardy run

On Friday, Aaron Rodgers wrapped up his two week run as guest host on Jeopardy and he did pretty well. As a (somewhat) professional broadcaster, I'll say it's not as easy as it might seem and with the diffulty of the questions, I would NEVER EVER want do Jeopardy!

A humbled Aaron Rodgers posted a video on Instagram and said "Hi everyone! I have had the best time guest hosting Jeopardy! and the icing on the cake is that they will be donating $236,725 to the North Valley Community Foundation. It is going to help so many in need.❤️💯 #amazingtwoweeks @jeopardy @northvalleycf"

Anderson Cooper takes over as host for the next two weeks!

Photo: Getty

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