Is Ryan Braun eyeballing a return to the Brewers already??

When Ryan Braun took the field for the last time last season, most people figured not only was it his last game as a Brewer, but likely his last game as a player. Well, not so fast!! The Brewers did not option the final year of his contract and it looked like Braun was going to walk about from baseball.

That was until Monday when he stopped by the Brewers' Spring Training game against the Padres. (by the way, according to, he hitched a ride on a private jet with Brewers owner Mark Attanasio. Ryan spent some time with the players, manager Craig Council, and with Uecker in the play-by-play booth.

While he wasn't about to suit up then and there, he did indicate that, according to's Adam McCalvy, is not read to use the word "retired". According to McCalvy, Ryan said "Look, I’m strongly leaning in the direction of being done as an active player. But I think you can always push that decision back,” Braun said. “I’m still young enough, still working out, still in shape. If something were to change, I might as well leave that door open as long as possible. I’m not hiding anything from you guys. If I get to the point where I have made the decision, I’ll let everybody know. But as I’ve said, I feel like you can always push that decision back. You don’t want to rush into it too soon and feel like you made the decision when you weren’t fully ready."

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