Aaron Rodgers is sooooo cocky!

After last week's bye week, the Green Bay Packers sit undefeated as they travel to Tampa to take on fellow old-guy quarterback Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Aaron is reportedly going to have his favorite weapon Davante Adams back in the lineup after he missed a few games with a hamstring issue.

Something I realized while watching The Last Dance about the 90s Bulls, Michael Jordan might be one of the cockiest humans on planet earth...but, I'd argue that is part of what made him the best basketball player on the planet. Aaron might not be a Michael Jordan level ego, BUT...he was recently on The Pat Mcafee Show and said that "Down years for me are career years for most QBs".

So clearly, Aaron isn't inflicted with any self-doubt. The Packers kick off on Sunday in Tampa at 3:25pm (on FOX6). #GoPackGo

Photo: Getty

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