New Cabin Podcast is perfect for Wisconsin history buffs

Wisconsin has some fascinating history. Did you know the only battle in the War of 1812 was fought in Prairie du Chien? Or that a piece of Soviet spacecraft once crashed down onto one of the main thoroughfares in Manitowoc? How about Maiden Rock and its sad but almost Romeo & Juliet-esque namesake story? Or, did you know Milwaukee was once three separate warring towns (Juneautown, Kilbourntown, and Walker's Point) before they buried the hatchet and united as once city in 1846? How about the "forgotten fire," the one that left a massive path of death and destruction in Peshtigo and a large chunk of northeastern Wisconsin? It's referred to as "forgotten" because it happened on the same day as the Chicago Fire (which even has its own TV show now, but I digress..

In this new episode of The Cabin, Mariah and I cover interesting historical tidbits around the state, plus a look "behind the scenes" for our latest Discover Wisconsin TV season, featuring two TV show producers who have plenty of juicy stories!

Stream it below, or check it out on Apple Podcasts, your iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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