LIST: 30 Salsa and dip recipes that are perfect for summer

When I think of summer I totally think of chip and dip. In fact I have a hard time controlling myself when I see it on the table at parties and it certainly doesn't help that it's always on-sale during summer months. Salsa, guacamole, french onion dip, I literally like them all! I'm definitely that person that has my staple dishes that I bring to parties but I love trying new recipes too! Whether you plan to spend your summer with just family at home or are venturing out getting together with friends try some of the dishes on this list of 30 salsa and dip recipes that are perfect for summer. Below are some I thought sounded extra delicious and the rest can be found at from The Daily Meal.

  1. Spicy Cheddar Dip
  2. Strawberry Salsa
  3. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  4. Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
  5. Chili con Queso
  6. Nacho Beef Dip

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