See Tesla Electric Coils literally play Toto's "Africa"

You've heard Toto's "Africa" in its regular, hit form. You may have tried to sing along to its karaoke version. You may have heard its "Muzak" version in an elevator or while waiting for the dentist. But have you heard the song as generated by electric coils?

Franzoli Electronics is a YouTube page from Fabricio Franzoli. He knows how to create this remarkable stuff, took tesla coils and used the sparks to play music. As they explain in their YouTube video, "the main loud music really comes from the tesla coil sparks. They are literally playing the music due to the programmed phase, pulse width and firing frequency! So, there are no speakers, no audio / video special effects. It looks even better in person and sounds almost the same, just without the beat / percussion backing track."

Hear, see, and enjoy it for yourself below. By the way, they've also done Bohemian Rhapsody.

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