Aaron finally speaks out!

We've finally heard from Aaron Rogers!

The Packers created a huge controversy when they traded up to draft quarterback Jordan Love last month in the first round, throwing into question what many thought was a given...Aaron Rogers finishing his career as a Green Bay Packer.

When Love was first drafted, a bunch of questions arose: How does Rodgers feel? Was he given a heads up? How will this affect the end of his contract, will he stay in Green Bay?

Aaron told NFL Radio on SirusXM that finishing out his career as a Packer "may not be a reality at this point" and that "he was surprised the team drafted quarterback Jordan Love instead of immediate help for this year".

Check out the conference call he did below...he addresses Jordan Love, saying "we had a great conversation the day after the draft and I'm looking forward to working with him".

Who knows how this will end up playing out, but Packers fans might see Aaron in an away jersey at Lambeau someday, just like they did with Brett Farve!

Photo: Getty

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