Brett Favre Chimes in!

We've all been sitting at home with ZERO sports to talk about with no Bucks or Brewers action. Just when it seemed we had nothing in sight...boom, suddenly a quarterback controversy in Green Bay.

At last week's NFL Draft, the Packers shocked everyone in the NFL by drafting a quarterback, Jordan Love, in the first round. To give you some perspective, it had been 15 years since the Packers had even drafted an offensive player in the first round, to say nothing of a quarterback. So people, including well know NFL insider Peter King, are saying that the Packers did not give Aaron a heads up before the draft.

Sound familiar? It should! This is pretty much the same thing that happened when the Packers drafted Aaron in the first round while Brett Favre was still the legacy QB.

Now Brett Favre is adding his two cents, telling The Rich Eisen Show he thinks Aaron Rodgers will follow his path and the path of many hall of fame QBs like Joe Montana and Payton Manning, and finish with a different team. He says Green Bay burned a bridge drafting a QB instead of weapons to help Rodgers.

Listen below:

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