Fried-chicken Crocs is really a thing

Some things are just so out there they must be true. Sure enough KFC and Crocs really did team up to make a fried-chicken pair of Crocs. Business Insider reports that they unveiled their shoe collaboration at New York Fashion Week. There have been some weird fashions coming out of New York Fashion Week but this one just might take the cake. The clogs have the signature KFC bucket stripes, images of fried chicken and even a chicken-scented Jibbitz drumstick charm on top! Before you go and get any crazy ideas let me warn you the charms, even though they smell real, are not edible. The KFC Crocs will be available this Spring and fans who want to be the first to get their hands on these can sign up on Croc's website to be alerted when they become available.

You're welcome for this btw. :)



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