The host of the Bachelor will marry YOU

My wife Michaela is very very excited for the new season of The Bachelor in ABC, which starts again on Monday. In fact, she's agreed to be our official Bachelor correspondent on Tuesday mornings after each week's drama.

Talking about The Bachelor, you can now have the show's host, Chris Harrison, officiate your wedding!

A story from ABC13 in Houston says "After getting ordained to marry producers of the show in 2012, demand soon spiked for Harrison's services. "Bachelorette" season seven contestants Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum asked Harrison to officiate their wedding on the show, and thus began the tradition of "Bachelor" franchise weddings. While Harrison is willing to travel for events (even internationally), he is also happy to host weddings at a very famous location: the "Bachelor" mansion. Fans can even request to book the Villa de la Vina mansion in Malibu through Harrison's website."

Photo: Getty

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