Cats a flop, studio will lose $100 million

The holidays are when the big movie studios bank on their big hits to bring in huge audiences and truckloads of cash! One of those big, highly hyped films this year was the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Cats. Unfortunately, for the studio, Universal, it's looking like Cats will go down in history as one of the biggest film flops ever! Variety is reporting that the film only brought in about $38 million globally during the holidays (big films this time of year can bring in well over 100 million in the same time period or even a single weekend).

Variety says "Tom Hopper's big-screen adaptation has clawed its way to $38 million globally after two weeks in theaters, a dismal figure that could result in $100 million in theatrical losses, according to rival studio executives."

Despite the film having a huge promotional push and big stars like Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and Jame Corden, it was panned by critics (who didn't even get to see an advance screening because apparently it was not done in time) and movie-goers alike. There are even reports of the film being released without all of the special effects finished, resulting in human hands in some scenes where there were supposed to be cat paws.

Oh well, maybe it will find an audience on TNT or TBS in 20 years.

Photo: Getty

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