Does travel effect the Packers play?

Aside from your own crowd and your own town (and your own locker room), one additional advantage of playing a home game in the NFL is the distance and jet leg and overall hassle of travel on the part of the away team. Makes sense, right? Several regular season NFL games have taken place outside of the US. There have been games in London, Canada, and more.

So travel has to be taken into account when planning for an away game. When the Packers played in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, they changed up their routine and arrived in California several days before normal, and we all know that didn't go well (The Packers lost big, 26-11).

Coach LaFleur confirmed in his press conference that the team would sticking to their normal travel schedule this week and arriving in San Francisco on Saturday before their Sunday night game against the 49ers.

Here's the coach's full press conference about this weekend's big game. The Pack are 8-2 and the 49ers are 10-1.

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