Za'Darius Smith Sleeping during the game?

Yesterday on the show, we talked about the Seattle Seahawks doing *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" dance in the end zone. Did you happened to notice Packers Linebacker Za'Darius Smith's celebration "sleep" when he got a sack Monday night against the Lions?

Smith sacked Stafford and then laid down on the grown and pretended to sleep when his teammates "woke him up" and he mimed getting up, getting dressed, and running off the field. According to TMJ4 sports guy Ron Burks, their is a story behind the celebration. According to a tweet from Burks, "he told me that he fell asleep in the Hot Tub and was fined 25,000 Dollars by the Team for missing a special teams meeting".

Check it out! Too funny!


Photo: Getty

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