If you're 34 or older, this is your list!

Attention if you're 34 or older, this one is for you!!

Buzzfeed has the 50 things from the 1980s that if you're older than 34, you'll say, "Oh crap, I forgot about that". For example, remember the Fisher Price cassette player? (side note, once in school, we had a substitute teach bring one of those in to record kids who were being bad, true story).

How about those giant Swatch Watch wall clocks that looked like watches? Did you ever have Nintendo Topps Trading Cards??? Do you remember when they had Walden Book Stores in the mall with that wood-panel exterior? How about ABC Weekend Special cartoons?

If these are ringing a bell, you're really going to want to CLICK HERE to check out the list of 50!

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