65 new foods at the WI State Fair this year

We've got one more week left of this year's Wisconsin State Fair. It's a big food year for the fair, as it's the 95th anniversary of the Cream Puff! Yep, Cream Puffs started at the Wisconsin State Fair in 1924. But if Cream Puffs are not your thing, you might enjoy one (or all) of the 65 new foods available!

Here are just a few:

  • How about a Brownie Waffle on a stick?
  • Try a Buffalo Cheese Curd and Chicken Taco!
  • This one I'm for sure trying: Blazin' Jalapeno Fried Olives!
  • Here's one...Brat-tot-Chos
  • And to finish up, try an Apple Crunch Cheesecake Quesadilla!

CLICK HERE for a full list of all 65 new foods, their full descriptions, and where you can find them at the fair!

Or of course, you can just go with the trusted Cream Puff!

Photo: Getty


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