FAKE George Clooney ARRESTED

So, this story is nuts!

An Italian man has been arrested in Thailand after being run for years. Why was he arrested? He was busted for pretending to be George Clooney. Yes! George Clooney. According to The New York Post, Francesco Galdelli faked being Clooney to "trick people into sending money" for a fashion line. He's said to have made more than $128,000.

Imagine that call, dude with an Italian accent calls you..."Hi, it's me...George Clooney. I'm really rich, but I need your money". SHAKE MY HEAD!!

According to the article, Galdelli and his wife have been called the "Italian Bonnie and Clyde" for all the scams and crimes they've allegedly committed.

By the way, I'm not sure if this guy thought he looks like George...but well, better luck next time.

Thumbnail photo: Getty

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