These Guys Are NOT Broke!

Whatever you do! Please don't worry about some of your favorite BIG FM artists, they're not hurting for cash! This past weekend, the UK's SUNDAY TIMES released their Music Rich List. According to the article, Adele's got around $195 million, Ed Sheeran doubled his earnings to get to a net worth of over $208 million.

Here's the top 10 people who won't need to text in to win money on 95.7 BIG FM!

  1. Sir Andrews Lloyd Webber with just over $1 billion
  2. Sir Paul McCartney with $974 million
  3. U2 with $417 million
  4. Sir Elton John with $417 million
  5. Sir Mick Jagger with $358 million
  6. Keith Richards with $338 million
  7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison (widow and son of George) with $325 million
  8. Sir Ringo Star with $312 million
  9. Michael Flatley with $265 million
  10. Sting with $260


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