The Packers have released their 2019 Pre-Season schedule

It's already been announced that our Green Bay Packers will be kicking off the 2019 NFL season on Thursday night against the Chicago Bears in what is, of course, the oldest rivalry in the league. On Tuesday, the team announced the line-up for the preseason games in August that will get the team set (and of course, weed out any players not making the cut). While the times and exact days have yet to be released, here is what the preseason is shaping out to look like:

Week 1 (Aug 8-12) Texans @ Packers

Week 2 (Aug 15-19) Packers @ Ravens

Week 3 (Aug 22-25) Packers vs. Raiders (location TBA)

Week 4 (Aug 29) Chiefs @ Packers

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