What Meg's 3 year old REALLY Thinks Mommy Does at Work!

You've probably seen this "QUIZ" on Facebook. You ask your kiddo to answer these questions ... and you usually end up with some pretty cute answers! I gave the quiz to Ferris, and here's how it went ...


P.S. Her funniest answer is at the end ... What is mommy’s job? Hahaha!

Without prompting, ask your child(ren) these questions and write EXACTLY what they say.

What’s your name? Ferris

How old are you? Free! (3)

How old is Mommy? Four

How old is daddy? Four

What’s your favorite color? Red

What’s your favorite food? Burger, dip (turkey burger + ketchup)

Who’s your best friend? Emmett (which is my childhood best friend’s son)

What’s your favorite song? ABC’s

What do you like to watch on tv? PJ Masks

What’s your favorite animal? A sheeeeep!

What are you scared of? A lion

What makes you happy? I give you a kiss!

Where’s your favorite place to go? The zoo!

What do want to be when you grow up? A puppy!

What is love? I love you!

Who loves you the most? Mommy!

What is something I say a lot? I dunno.

What does Daddy say a lot? I love you!

What makes mommy happy? Me!

What makes daddy happy? Me!

What makes mommy sad? When I don’t give you a hug.

What makes daddy sad? I didn’t give him a hug.

How tall are you? Ummmmm, Small!

How tall is daddy? Big!

What's mommy’s favorite thing to do? Give me a hug!

What’s daddy’s favorite thing to do? He likes giving hugs.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? To the zoo! Can we go to the zoo now?

What is my favorite music to listen to? Halloween

What’s daddy’s favorite? Jingle Bells!

What’s daddy’s job? Work on his computer

What is mommy’s job? Listen to Murphy

How much do you love me? Twenty oh five nine! Oh wait there’s one more thing! 28 for a puppy! (this is literally what she said! Ha!)

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