The Very First VIRAL VIDEO?

This was a VIRAL VIDEO before Viral Videos were a thing! Do you recognize it? It was the very first video I ever saw! I found it when my boys were really little (probably about 15 years ago), and we would watch it over and over and over, laughing our pants off! They were 5 and under at the time ... and as you know, stuff like this is all it takes with that crowd!

I still laugh at it now though because ... A) It reminds me of my boys being little when the "internet" wasn't a thing yet and B.) It's still funny!

Crazy how fast our world has changed in such a short time! Hope you get a laugh out of it, too!


P.S. I just did some digging and found it was released in 1999! I don't think we saw it until at least 2004 or 2005 ... so clearly it took A LOT longer for videos to go "viral" back then!

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