Murphy & Meg's Morning Mindbender Answers

Tuesday, April 2nd

Americans will spend 3.2 billion dollars on this for Easter…what is it?

ANSWER: New clothing

Monday, April 1st

In a survey, almost half of Midwesterners say they find these to be amusing while slightly less say they’re are annoying…what are they?

ANSWER: April Fools pranks

Friday, March 29th

If you have any of this in your home, the average age of it about 2 years old…what is it?

ANSWER: Salad dressing

Thursday, March 28th

Just over a third of people say they do this at home…about twice as many as a decade ago. What is it?\

ANSWER: Grow food in a garden

Wednesday, March 27th

A survey of high school students revealed that about 10 percent say they plan to "never" do this. What is it?

ANSWER: Pay off their student loans

Tuesday, March 26th

A recent study discovered this about people born in the month of September. What is it?

ANSWER: On average, they’re smarter than people born in any other month (they also have higher GPA's and are less likely to become incarcerated)

Monday, March 25th

Over half of people admit to doing this some of the time and just under 10% of us admit to doing it all of the time…what is it?

ANSWER: Using their smart phone in the bathroom


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