Murphy's Disco Disaster

February 12, 2019 will go down in history at iHeart Media - Milwaukee as the day of the great "Disco Disaster." Not because of Murphy's terrible attempt at disco dancing...but because of his literal "run-in" with the wall.

Murph arrived at the rehearsal disguised as "The Masked Disco Dancer"...probably to avoid embarrassment from his uncoordinated dancing skills. if you want a good laugh, you can watch the whole video but if you just want to see his disastrous encounter with the wall, forward to about the 4:00 mark in the video below. Luckily nobody, including Meg's young Ferris, was injured by Murphy's clumsy moves.

Our sincere thanks to Hannah for putting together the routine and you can find out more info about "The Biggest Disco in Wisco" Party on March 2nd below the video!



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