The "When Way" Diet Actually Makes A Lot of Sense

Lots of people are trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier in 2019 and some may be searching for a new diet to help them. There are plenty of diets to choose from, but for one of them, it’s all about the timing. Created by preventative medicine physician Dr. Michael Crupain and internist and anesthesiologist Dr. Michael Roizen, the “When Way” diet focuses on “chrononutrition” - which is the idea that your biological clock regulates your metabolism, just like it controls your sleep cycle.

The When Way diet has followers eat only when the sun is up and advises “front-loading” meals into the earlier hours of the day. The docs recommend having breakfast or lunch be your largest meal of the day and eating 75% of your daily calories before two in the afternoon. The diet allows high-fiber veggies like broccoli and spinach any time the sun is shining, but the doctors believe most other foods should be eaten within a specific window of time.

“Food eaten in the morning causes less weight gain and less chronic disease than food eaten at night,” says Dr. Roizen. “In the daytime you use food very efficiently. In the nighttime, you store it.”

These are their tips for eating around the clock from their new book, "What to Eat When":

  • Early morning breakfast (7 to 10am) - Walnuts are packed with protein and omega-3s and they boost good gut bacteria, so they’re a great addition to oatmeal or a healthy snack.
  • Midday snack attack (10am to 1pm) - Green bananas might not be your favorite, but the unripe fruit is a “more resistant starch,” which they say acts “more like a fiber” to feed your gut instead of your blood sugar.
  • Pre-dinner snack (1 to 4pm) - High-protein chickpeas can fight off hunger for longer than some kinds of animal protein, which can help you last until dinner. That meal should be light, according to the doctors, who suggest eating hummus and veggies or roasted chickpeas about 20 minutes before dinner to help keep you full overnight.
  • After-dinner treat (4 to 7pm) - Try berries to satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner. The doctors say berries are full of fiber and sweet enough to do the trick, plus they’re rich in antioxidants, making them one of the healthiest desserts around.

Source: New York Post

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