Murphy's dirty job turns into some great daddy-daughter time

What started out as a frustrating job turned out to be some great Daddy-Daughter time and a learning experience for my (almost) 15 year-old, Lindsey.

I was replacing the PCV valve (see explanation below pictures) in our Toyota Sienna, which is a pretty simple task...with the right tools and a little know-how.  However, the part on this particular vehicle is well-hidden in a pretty cramped space.  

To make matters worse, BOTH ends of the hose that connects the PCV valve to the intake manifold came off.  The latter connection was VERY difficult to see and even harder to reach.  That's when I needed to call upon the small hands and skinny arms of Lindsey.  After explaining her mission, she accepted it and within a few minutes had both ends of the hose attached and clamped.

So far my "check engine" light hasn't come back on (knock on wood,) Lindsey and I shared some bonding time and hopefully she learned a thing or two.  I know that I certainly did!  ~Murphy


In case you're interested in more PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve info, here's a great source!

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