Gift exchange card game

Here's the gift exchange game that you may have heard me mention that we always play at my in-laws winter parties.  Thanks to my wife, Jana, for typing up the instructions!  ~Murphy


2 full decks of shuffled cards - (no Jokers; keep in separate piles but shuffled)

50 wrapped gifts  (think Dollar Store or gently used re-usable items) – Sometimes we identify kid-specific gifts with certain wrapping paper if there are children playing but sometimes they are just all in the mix.

How to play:

The first deck of cards is handed out one at a time until the deck is gone (some people will end up with more than others)

Then, the second deck is called one card at a time.  When a player’s card is called, they get to pick a gift – Unwrap it for the group to see - Then keep the gift next to them.

Continue until all gifts are gone and cards are called.

<shuffle each deck but keep separate>

Next pass out the first deck of cards again. (Again, some people will end up with more than others)

Once again, the second deck is called out, one card at a time.  This time when a player’s card is called they have the option to ‘steal’ someone else’s gift while trading it with one of their own – All prizes from the first round are fair game!  OR they can opt to ‘pass’ and they keep the gifts they already have.

The game is over when all of the second round of cards called out!

It is very interesting to see what items become the most coveted prizes...the gifts that get stolen the most.  It could be some funny socks….maybe a candy bar….or a household item.  It always brings a lot of laughter and joy to our family gatherings!

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