UPDATE - Murphy's kids' first day of school pics

*UPDATE* This is my final "First Day of School" picture!!  My daughter, Riley, began her Junior semester at University of Winchester in Winchester, Hampshire, England on Monday, September 24th.  So proud of my world traveler!

Lindsey, David and Julia each had great first days of High School, 7th grade and 1st grade respectively.  Although 2 of the 3 had to endure classes without air conditioning on one of the hottest days this season. 

Wait a second...how did THIS picture show up? Well, there's a very good reason for it!

Tuesday was my step-son Trent's LAST first day of school as he begins his senior year at UW-LaCrosse.  His mom asked his girlfriend to snap this photo and he playfully obliged.

We're so proud and we can't WAIT to attend your graduation!

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