PINK TAX: Ace Hardware Comes Under Fire

ACE HARDWARE has recently come under fire for one of the most blatant "Pink Tax" offenses to date. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “The Pink Tax” is the practice of charging women more for the same items men pay less for. Stuff like razors and lotions. Same product + ”feminine” color = price hike.

Ace Hardware store is currently selling two identical HOTEL PERSONAL CARE KITS, although one is BLUE for men, and the other is PINK for women. Despite them both having the same exact items inside, the men’s kit costs $7.59 while the women’s kit is $2.40 more, at $9.99. There is absolutely nothing different about the two kits other than the color.

Twitter user Tom McDermott shared the photo below, and Twitter went off. Check out the reactions below.

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