Michael J Fox's Wife Has the Best Marriage Advice!

MICHAEL J. FOX and TRACY POLLAN are celebrating 30 YEARS TOGETHER this year! Wow! They first met in 1985 when she auditioned for "Family Ties," but Tracy recently told People Magazine that Michael was too “cocky” for her! Haha! When they reunited in 1987 for the movie "Bright Lights, Big City" in 1987, Michael asked her out and they married a year later.

Thirty years is almost unheard of in Hollywood, so what makes their relationship so long-lasting? Tracy’s answer to that question is some of the best marriage advice I’ve ever heard. It’s SIMPLE but profound.

She says, quote, "Just give each other the benefit of the doubt. He assumes I'm doing the best I can."

And Michael adds, quote, "Find the best things about you and the best things about life and celebrate them."

So good, right?! -Meg

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