Fallen Officer Michael Michalski's partner shares her grief on Facebook


The post reads as follows:

To Mike,

My partner and my dear, dear friend,

I already know you would be mad at me for posting something on Facebook/girlie talk/Mumbo Jumbo, but too bad. You always said I was the boss, so I’m doing what I want. with that being said, here it goes….

I’ve missed you this past week. And I’m missing you now. And I will miss you pretty much every day after that. Everyday since last week, I ask one question: Why? Why? And I know why and i know God’s plan is greater than mine, but it hasn’t made it easier (yet). But it will.

And mike, I’m mad. Mad i don’t get to see that infectious, ear to ear smile after a zingy one liner, the deep laugh after hours of sitting as a take down and we’ve both gone stir crazy, or the small, patient smile after one of my (many) squad car rants. Because I’m selfish. I’m mad for many, many other reasons that I won’t get into, but we’ll talk about those another time.

I’m also sad. Sad for your family, your friends, and all of the people that never got to meet the amazing man that I proudly called my friend. Sad we won’t arrest anyone again, have our jokes again, sad that after a while, i might forget your voice the way I’ve forgotten my mom’s.

But more than anything else, Mike, I’m happy. And blessed. Blessed (and privileged) to be one of the people to call you partner. Happy that you ingrained in me to slow down and think of family first, happy for all of the great times we were able to have together that I can look back on, and blessed to have had the conversation with you where we witnessed our shared faith in God with one another.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and taught me. And lastly, a big thank you for finally agreeing to take this picture with me last week. I will cherish it always.

Love, Stef


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