SMILE FILE: Julia's Questions for the Tooth Fairy

Murphy's 6 year-old, Julia, recently lost her front tooth and had some questions for the tooth fairy like:

Where is Tooth Fairy Land?

Can you give me a picture of you please, please?!  I will give you a cookie!

Are you the the same tooth fairy as last time?

Her questions continued:

Are there more than one tooth fairies?

If there are more than one, can you give me a picture of all of you?  If there are more than one tooth fairies then I love all of you also.

Along with one more question and the dollar that Julia received, here is the tooth fairy's response:

Hi Ms. Julia!

I am very busy but I will try to answer all of your questions.

I am YOUR Tooth Fairy...assigned to all of your teeth.  So, yes...I am the same as last time.

There are many fairies because there are many, many children who are losing teeth every day.  I do not have a picture of myself or other fairies but we look similar to butterflies.

I didn't want to take your cookie because I do not have a picture for you.

Tooth Fairy Land is a secret place...we are not like Santa.  You lose your teeth and we visit with some $$!

Thank you for the are such a good artist.

Keep brushing!  I've gotta run/fly! :-)

--Your Tooth Fairy

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