SMILE FILE: Luigi at Large...Help Clear His Paws

On March 2nd, Luigi did the unthinkable. Just days before his 7th birthday, Louie decided to go for a self guided walk to celebrate his 6 wonderful years on this earth through the treacherous streets of Eau Claire.

After a few hours of exploration, he was found 2 miles away from his home with his new police friend, Dylan. Although Louie is a very good boy, self guided walks are an illegal activity in this community, so he was ticketed for 'dog at large.' 

This ticket is not only sizeist to Louie's strong build, but a financial burden for Louie's poor college student single mother. Louie is regretful of his decision to runaway and has been doing some extra chores around the house but just can't seem to make enough to pay for his legal offence. He has applied for jobs, but with his busy academic schedule he has limited options. If you love (or even kinda like) Louie and have kindness in your heart, please consider donating to his noble cause. With your help, we WILL clear Louie's criminal record!

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