Could This Drug Really Cure Cancer? FDA Optimistic

There’s a new cancer drug that helps shrink tumors in patients who haven’t had luck with other treatments for their cancer. Keytruda is the brand name of the drug that had such promising results in research, the FDA has already approved it.

In the small study, 86 cancer patients with tumors of the pancreas, prostate, uterus, or bone were given Keytruda. After taking it, 66 patients had their tumors “shrink substantially and stabilize” instead of keep growing. And of those 66, 18 had their tumors vanish and they haven’t returned.

“The FDA doesn’t take these kinds of things lightly. The data was so good, they had to approve it.” explains Dr. Jack Jacoub, medical oncologist. “This form of therapy, plus something else, may allow us to potentially cure and eradicate cancer. These are the steps that are getting us closer to that goal.”

Source: Yahoo

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