Squirt Gun Game = Innocent Fun or Dangerous?

Squirt guns, nudity, playoff brackets … have you heard about this “Paranoia” game being played by high school students in several local suburbs? Parents, school administrators … even police are involved. There are versions of the game being played in SOUTH MILWAUKEE, FRANKLIN, NEW BERLIN and other suburbs.

Essentially, students shoot each other with squirt or Nerf guns, until there is only one winner left in the game. Most games don't allow play to happen on school grounds or during school hours, but other rules have gotten the attention of school districts - and police. One rule is you can't be eliminated if you aren't wearing any clothes, which resulted in two students being arrested; one for lewd and lascivious behavior, the other for disorderly conduct, prompting the organizers of the South Milwaukee game to shut down play. But it's still going on in other suburbs. What do you think? Innocent fun or too dangerous?



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