Need for speed: Top Gun 2 being filmed?

Looks like after a brief 30+ year hiatus, the classic 1986 film Top Gun is going to get a sequel.

Tom Cruise confirmed a remake is in the works during an interview on Australian TV's Sunrise on 7which lays claim to being "Australian's #1 'brekky' show" (ugh... "brekky"?)

Anyhoo, Cruise noted that they will probably start filming sometime in the next year. No further details were given, but Val Kilmer as Iceman will likely need to do some ab work (and hey, I'm no one to talk); I'm also guessing no Goose in that one, since he died in the original (oh.... spoiler alert.)

You can check out Cruise's interview at this link. And watch below if you need to enjoy one of the original's most famous lines.

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