Happy 131st Birthday, Coca-Cola! Did it REALLY contain cocaine until 1978?

Coca-Cola, which turns 131 years-old today. A pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton mixed the first batch in in Atlanta, GA on May 8th, 1886.

He was trying to make a drinkable painkiller to cure headaches.  "Coca" comes from the "coca" plant. "Cola" comes from the "kola" nut, which is actually spelled with a K.

An urban myth has circulated that Coke had trace amounts of cocaine in it until 1978.  While it IS true that the original version DID contain the drug, by 1903, there were only trace amounts and it's been completely cocaine-free since 1929.

What’s the perfect temperature at which to enjoy a Coke?  According to the company, Coca-Cola tastes best when it's served between 34 and 38 degrees. An ad that ran awhile back that said the EXACT ideal temperature was 36 degrees.

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