Best way to end your workweek is Happy Hour with Hannah!

There are two things I feel strongly about when it comes to wine:

  1. No matter what, it always tastes better in a fancy wine glass
  2. The cooler looking the bottle the better it will taste

Scientific right? Hey, this data comes from experience ok!  

This week's Happy Hour with Hannah and Otto's Wine & Spirits is definitely a wine I would recommend.  First of all, the bottle is really cool!  Very simple but I love the metal #1 on it.  Second, it is so elegant.  The 2013 Uno Malbec is sourced from high-elevation vineyards in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina. The Uno is an elegant example of the wines coming from this lauded region of South America. The quality of the wine begins in the vineyards and carries through the winemaking process with the final product being the true showcase. This wine displays great balance, supple tannins and is a perfect complement to food or on its own.  It's going to pair well with lamb, duck, and pork as well as any red meat.  So versatile! 

The 2013 vintage of the Antigal Uno Malbec offers delicious plum and blackberry savors with enticing hints of tobacco and chocolate.  It has a violet-red color and is brightened by carefully protecting the natural acidity.  

This bottle is available for purchase at any Otto's Wine & Spirits location for their every day price of just $15.99!  Don't forget to join us for the next Happy Hour with Hannah.  Friday, May 5th (you can meet my mom!) and Friday, May 19th we'll be live on 95.7 BIG FM Facebook around 4:30pm.  You never know who my guest will be or what amazing drink we get to try next! So anyone interested in a trip to Argentina?!

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