Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day

Saturday, May 6th is the day we not only get rid of any Cinco de Mayo hangovers, but we go au naturel and hit the garden to get some planting done and either horrify or delight the whole neighborhood. It's World Naked Gardening Day!

World Naked Gardening Day started in 2005 as a way to showcase body acceptance and a healthy self-image. It came about as an addition to events like the naked bike rides that have popped up around the world (we have "Underwear Bike Rides" here) and they figured if you're going natural, isn't gardening a terrific natural activity to go along with it?

Plan accordingly if you're going to participate. We look to be sunny and 50s/60s... so it may not last long!

Check out the World Naked Gardening Day website or their Facebook page to find out more.

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