You're probably eating your Pringles the WRONG way!

My guess is not many people put a lot of thought into how they eat their favorite snack. Sure, folks have thoughts on the correct way to eat an Oreo, or maybe what dip goes best with what chip but usually most people are too busy shoving that tasty treat into their mouth.  

Well, in case you missed it, the folks at Pringles want you to know there is a CORRECT way to eat their chips and.....putting two together to look like duck lips isn’t it.

The manufacturers of Pringles say that HOW you eat the chip can affect the flavor, since only one side of a Pringle is actually flavored. They admit that the flavor can rub off from chip to chip, but the flavor on the sides tend to be uneven for this reason. 

So, in order to maximum the Pringles' flavor, the company says folks should nibble on their Pringles with the long sides should curved up as the short tips fall down.  You can eat them any way you want but if you eat it with the other side up, you won’t be getting as much flavor since it doesn’t get the direct seasoning.  (See it demonstrated below by my kids!)

Some people even have hacks to get the chips out of the canister easily including inserting a piece of paper into the can to pull them out.


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