If you need a good cry today, Star Wars posted this Carrie Fisher Tribute

As part Star Wars 40th Anniversary, they posted this AMAZING video tribute to CARRIE FISHER that really makes you wish you appreciated her more while she was alive.

Also, "Star Wars Celebration" is happening in Orlando, Florida right now.  It's a weekend-long celebration of "Star Wars" for its 40th Anniversary.

There was a panel discussion yesterday to kick things off, with George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams, and Anthony "C3PO" Daniels

(Here's video of most of the panel.  It includes other guests, and videos sent in by Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson.  The I-4 joke comes at 52:41, and the part about why Harrison got the gig is at 56:48.)

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