The [Cheap] Beauty Product I Can't Live Without! ~Meg

Do you have a cheapie beauty product that you LOVE because it works better than any of the expensive brands you've tried? I discovered primer years ago, and now wouldn't want to live without it. For awhile I kept trying different brands just to make sure I was using the one that worked the best. But no matter which brand I tried, and no matter how expensive it was, nothing compared to the cheapie brand! In fact, I only tried more expensive brands because my Rimmel worked so amazing that I thought for sure the more expensive brands must work some sort of crazy turn-your-face-into-porcelain-MAGIC. But Rimmel won every time.

So, there ya have it. My cheapie must-have! What cheapie beauty product do YOU swear by?! Tell me on my Facebook page. I'd love to try it! ~Meg


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