Tony Romo to retire, become yet another commentator

Tony Romo came a long way from playing football in his hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin. It's rare that an undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois makes his way into the ranks of the NFL, but Romo did - and he became the Dallas Cowboys' all-time leader in yards passing, touchdown passes thrown, and several other key records. He also owns the NFL record for having a touchdown pass in 41 straight road games (yes, neither Favre nor Rodgers holds that record, it's almost strange to realize that.)

However, the Cowboys never got past the divisional round in four playoff appearances during this tenure and injuries have taken their toll. The rise of Dak Prescott meant the end for Romo's career as a starter in Dallas this year.

So Romo, who will turn 37 later this month, is looking to stepping away from playing. Despite the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans trying to court him, he's expressing a preference to spend more time with family and - apparently - in the broadcast booth. 

CBS, Fox, and NBC are all showing interest in adding him to their bulging rosters of color commentators and analysts. Know how the pre- and post-game shows for football games have six, seven, maybe twenty analysts nowadays? He may be one more.

It's always good to see a local guy do well, and congratulations to Tony Romo on a long and fruitful career, even if it has been with the Cowboys. Maybe we'll see him call and comment on a Packers game in the broadcast booth soon?

Below: As you drive into Burlington, they let you know Tony Romo is from there. (Photo from

Tony Romo is from Burlington, and they let you know it when you drive into town.

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