Here's the interview with America's Dewey Bunnell!

America (the band, they always have to specify) plays the Pabst Theater tonight, and BIG FM's Eric Paulsen got to talk with co-founder, singer, writer, guitarist, etc. for America, Dewey Bennell. Find out:

  • Some of the iconic performers for whom they got to open in their early days
  • Dewey's Wisconsin ties (he spends a lot of time in this state every year)
  • How "purple rain" came to be (off "Ventura Highway")
  • That alligator lizards are actually real (also off "Ventura Highway")
  • His thoughts on that possibly real, possibly symbolic, horse with no name
  • Dewey's songwriting style
  • What is was like working with producer Sir George Martin
  • The band's current lineup
  • Which Beatles song they'll cover in tonight's show, what else to expect from the show tonight, and more!


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