Foods (besides chocolate) that can be dangerous for your dog

Anyone with a cute, adorable dog knows it’s hard to resist sneaking them some table scraps when they’re begging at your feet during dinner. But while giving them a little chicken here and there may be okay, there are some human foods that could be toxic if they’re ingested by your four-legged friend.

Everyone knows that chocolate is a big no-no for pooches, but here are some other foods you shouldn’t be feeding Fido. Among them:

  • Grapes – Grapes can actually cause kidney failure in pooches, so if they ingest one keep an eye for abnormal behavior, and if they start vomiting get them to your vet right away.
  • Raw Eggs – While you probably can’t imagine ever feeding your dog a raw egg, should they ingest one bacteria like Salmonella could be a major danger. Cooked eggs should be fine though. 
  • Avocado – The ingredient persin in an avocado can be toxic to your pooch. 
  • Coffee – While you may love the caffeine pick me up, that’s exactly what makes coffee bad for your pooch, and if consumed in large quantities it could be fatal.
  • Milk – Dog’s digestive systems are unable to breakdown dairy products and can cause upset stomachs and diarrhea. 
  • Alcohol – Booze will affect a dog just like it affects their owners, but since they are smaller they don’t need a lot to start feeling sick.
  • Onions – Eating a lot of onions can cause your dog to be anemic since they are bad for your pooch’s red blood cells.
  • Candy – Xyiltol (a natural sweetener) in some candies can cause dog’s insulin levels into a increase, which can lead to liver failure. 
  • Mushrooms – Some of them contain toxins that can be bad for your dog’s health. 
  • Fish – If a dog eats too much fish they can get a thiamine deficiency, which can result in a loss of appetite and seizures. 
  • Yeast Dough – Uncooked dough can rise in your dog’s stomach and cause abdomen issues. 

Source: Reality Dive

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