You Can Take A Trip To The Titanic!

London-based travel company Blue Marble Private will begin trips to the Titanic wreckage site in May 2018.  If the wreckage site is something you'd like to see you better plan the trip because this could be one of your last opportunities to see it!  According to Fox 6, a 2016 study claimed that a recently discovered "extremophile bacteria" could eat away what's left of the famous shipwreck inside 15 or 20 years.  

Here's the kicker though, the trip could cost you $105,129 per person!  If I started saving now maybe I'd be able to go three lifetimes from now!  I would love to see it but my that's a lot of money!  What really surprises me is that the first voyage is already fully booked!  Wow!  Those are some pretty lucky (and rich?) people! haha

Read more on what the journey includes from Fox 6 here



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